Frequently Asked Question About Worth-investment.co

  • What is worth-investment.co

    Worth Investment Group is a private holding company focused on acquiring companies in the middle-market, partnering with management to build even greater value, and holding these companies for the long term. Based in Jackson, Michigan, Worth Investment Group acquires companies headquartered in North America with management teams that seek to leverage our strategic resources to achieve operational improvement; accelerate growth through strategic repositioning; realize scale benefits through add-on acquisitions; and achieve a leading market position.

  • Worth-investment.co asset management strategy

    Worth Investment Group maintains majority equity and voting control. In order to align management’s interest with the interest of Worth Investment Group.

  • Worth-investment.co investment guidelines

  • Invest where we possess competitive advantages.
  • Acquire assets on a value basis with a goal of maximizing return on capital.
  • Build sustainable cash flows to provide certainty, reduce risk and lower the cost of capital.
  • Recognize that superior returns often require contrarian thinking.

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